Back to School Shoe Shopping

Shopping for school shoes can be a very stressful time for parents and children. Fit, support and quality are the most important factors to look out for when choosing your child’s school shoes.


Most shoe retailers are more than happy to help measure your child’s feet whilst shopping for shoes. The measurement should be completed whilst your child is standing. Having weight bearing on the feet can increase the shoe size by up to one size! Usually when a child is asked to walk in the new shoes in the shop, they usually walk a couple of steps. It is recommended to walk around 2 or 3 minutes to ensure your child knows if the shoes feel too tight and fit correctly.


A child’s school shoe should be able to flex at the ball of the foot but also have plenty of support in the midfoot. Shoes that have a fastening usually offer much better support and practicability than a slip-on shoe.


It is very important to ensure that the shoe is made to a high quality and are solid due to the amount of time children spend doing activities in their school shoes at break and lunch times. Quality shoes will outlast inferior footwear.

Looking after your child’s foot health is extremely important. Ill-fitting footwear can cause short term foot pain and problems later in life. If your child experiences any foot pain or problems, you should visit a podiatrist in the first instance.