Cosmetic Foot Surgery

Overseas, there has been an increase in cosmetic surgery of the feet by people who are wanting to make their feet look more aesthetically pleasing in and out of shoes. Hopefully, this trend does not make its way to the UK.

Bone retracting, injectable fillers and shortening of the toes are just a few of the many procedures that are on offer. As with all surgeries, these operations carry a risk to the individual going under the knife such as, delayed healing times, the risk of infection and other unexpected fallout. Putting our feet (and bodies) through such huge risks just for our appearance is incomprehensible for most people.

We ask a lot of our feet every day and they are very complex. Function should be the main consideration for our feet as many consequences can occur when mobility is reduced. Many health problems can follow if an individual can no longer be as mobile as they once were such as, depression and weight gain.

Of course, surgery is needed on the feet for numerous health reasons and there are many foot and ankle surgeons who operate appropriately and not for cosmetic reasons.