Foot Fatigue

Often our feet get neglected especially after a night out or event. Below are some tips on how to look after fatigued feet and ensure they are kept in a good condition.


When we have our feet hidden away in boots, socks, slippers (especially in the colder months) we are basically dehydrating them by not giving them time to breathe. Feet should be moisturised each morning and night with a foot cream that has urea in it. It is recommended to do this after a bath or shower, so the moisture is locked in leaving the skin on your feet rehydrated and soft.

Corns & Calluses should be treated by a podiatrist!

Pressure and friction cause corns and callus and can feel like you have something such as a stone in your shoe which of course, can be very uncomfortable. You should not try to treat corns and callus yourself; they should be treated by a podiatrist. As well as treating, a podiatrist can provide information and advice to diminish friction and pressure to reduce the risk of developing corns and callus by recommending more suitable footwear and orthotic insoles.

Trim toenails!

Toenails should always be trimmed and not cut too short as very short toenails can develop into an ingrown toenail. They should also not be cut rounded at the corners but cut straight across. If you are unable to cut your own toenails or struggle to do so, you can visit a podiatrist who can do this for you.

Relax those feet!

You should try and relax and pamper your feet at least once a week if you can. Soaking your feet in a bowl of warm salty water for 20 minutes is a good place to start. To remove any dead skin cells, use a foot file or a pumice stone with gentle circular pressure. Feet should be dried thoroughly especially the toes and in between. Foot moisturiser should then be massaged into the feet.

Podiatrists do offer routine appointments which can vary from nail trimming to managing ingrown toenails so for any problems you may have with taking care of your feet, you should make an appointment.