Little Feet


Babies feet grow speedily and are key to them exploring the world. Shoes should be avoided before they start walking. However, in cold temperatures, their feet should be covered. It is essential that babies’ socks are checked after each time they are washed to ensure they are not too tight on the ankle or toes.

Babies feet should be bathed and washed regularly. They should also be dried completely, specifically between the toes.


Believe it or not, letting little ones explore barefoot is encouraged. The area should be safe and have no sharp objects that could damage their feet. Feet have many nerve endings that support us whilst young to balance, walk and learn new skills useful for later in life.

It is recommended to have toddlers’ feet measured in a shoe shop to ensure the new shoes have adequate room and they do not slip off as the child walks. Shoes should be chosen based on their sturdiness and whether they will be protective for the environment they will be used in.

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s feet, you should trust their feet to a podiatrist no matter their age!