Wedding Shoe Tips

Wedding season is around the corner which usually means new shoes! We all like to make sure our feet look fabulous, but we should also make sure they feel fabulous. There are many things to consider when choosing footwear for an event:

Is there enough room in my shoe?

This is very important to consider as squeezing our feet into shoes that look good can cause pain and damage to our feet. Painful blisters and corns can appear when our toes are squashed into a shoe with insufficient room.

How far will you need to walk?

If you know that there will be minimal walking required, then your shoe choice can be made based on appearance. However, if you are expecting to be walking quite a lot, you should consider also taking a more comfortable type of shoe that can be changed when walking or if your feet do start to hurt. There are shoes designed especially for this, that roll up into a bag, so you can carry them around in your bag in case you do need to change.

Will I be dancing?

Whenever you are active you should choose footwear that holds and supports your feet. A shoe that has a fastening will reduce the chances of a fall so this should be considered. If you are wearing heels and are not confident in them, a lower heel may be wise.

Party shoes should be worn for as a small amount of time as possible to ensure your feet enjoy the party as much as yourself! Feet should be kept moisturised with a cream with urea content. If you notice any changes to your feet or are experiencing foot pain, visit a podiatrist.