Flat Shoes

Flat Shoes If you have worn heels for a long period of time, it can take a good while to get used to wearing flat shoes. Flat shoes can cause some foot types to be positioned in a way which can cause issues such as big toe joint problems, heel pain, knee pain, callus or […]

Diabetes and your feet

Diabetes and your feet Diabetes affects a growing number of the population and can have huge implications on the feet. Many changes can happen to a diabetic such as: Anhidrotic (dry skin) Hard skin Neuropathy (lack of sensation) Changes to the shape of the foot (extensor substitution) Anhidrotic skin is more like to crack or […]

Is foot pain normal?

Is foot pain normal? Foot pain is not normal and if you start to experience any discomfort in your feet, you should get this checked out. We spend the most of our day on our feet and many people ignore foot pain as they believe it is normal when in fact, it is our body’s […]

Shoe lacing and problem feet

Shoe lacing and problem feet If you have problem feet, tying your laces in a different way that is suited to your foot condition can be a big help. Wide Foot/High Instep Some shoes have two sets of eyelets, if yours do it is recommended to use the eyelets closest to the tongue to lace […]

How can I become a Podiatrist?

How can I become a Podiatrist? You need to complete a recognised course of study in order to be accepted for the Health Professions Council registration. Currently, 13 university up and down the country offer full time and, in some cases, part time bachelor’s degrees in podiatry. The part time degree usually takes four and […]

Running & Foot Health

Running & Foot Health Taking care of your feet as a runner is obviously very important as foot pain can make your sport very uncomfortable! A visit to a podiatrist should be made if you experience recurring pain before, after or during a run as pain usually means something is not as it should be. […]

Foot Fatigue

Foot Fatigue Often our feet get neglected especially after a night out or event. Below are some tips on how to look after fatigued feet and ensure they are kept in a good condition. Moisturise! When we have our feet hidden away in boots, socks, slippers (especially in the colder months) we are basically dehydrating […]

Cosmetic Foot Surgery

Cosmetic Foot Surgery Overseas, there has been an increase in cosmetic surgery of the feet by people who are wanting to make their feet look more aesthetically pleasing in and out of shoes. Hopefully, this trend does not make its way to the UK. Bone retracting, injectable fillers and shortening of the toes are just […]

Wedding Shoe Tips

Wedding Shoe Tips Wedding season is around the corner which usually means new shoes! We all like to make sure our feet look fabulous, but we should also make sure they feel fabulous. There are many things to consider when choosing footwear for an event: Is there enough room in my shoe? This is very […]

Foot Health and Pregnancy

Foot Health and Pregnancy Feet can often become very uncomfortable during pregnancy and after the birth due to the major changes that a woman’s body goes through. Common foot problems can include cramps, itchiness, swelling and aching. Pregnant women have an increase in the ovarian hormone relaxin which can cause muscles and ligaments to soften […]